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C-Clear Anti-Fog Spray

C-Clear works as a lens cleaner and an anti fog spray for safety glasses, eyeglasses, sports masks and goggles, military masks and goggles, glass or mirrors and auto and boat windshields and windows. In addition, it stops restaurant sneeze glass and refrigerated glass displays from fogging as well. Lastly, it prevents debris and tiny dust particles from adhering to lenses and other glass or plastic surfaces. C-Clear has anti static properties.

The liquid is a diluted form of the C-Clear Gel manufactured to certain specifications to be easily dispensed through the atomizer spray tops. The Gel is a semi-solid, stronger product, for hard to solve fogging issues. If you need a strong anti fog then you will most likely need our Gel. It is stronger than the liquid.

All of our lens cleaning spray bottles contain 100% liquid C-Clear, which is biodegradable and environment friendly. Moreover, the best anti fog spray on the market will not harm prescription lenses nor tints and protective coatings.

C-Clear anti-fog spray is non-flammable & non-hazardous. You get OVER 1,000 applications if properly handled (not spilled or left in hot autos or trucks), which is more than many other anti-fog products on the market today!

Note: May not be 100% 'anti fog' effective on newer prescription lenses with hydrophylic or oleophylic anti-reflective "AR" coatings.

1 Ounce Bottles 2 Ounce Spray Bottles 4 Ounce Spray Bottles
One (1) ounce spray bottles of C-Clear. Hundreds of applications per bottle! Our products are non-flammable/non-hazardous and safe for industrial use such as welding eye protection and all safety glasses.
Two (2) ounce spray bottles of anti fog spray for sports masks, military masks and industrial safety glasses.
Four ounce spray bottles of C-Clear anti fog lens cleaner. Great for industrial safety glasses, law enforcement, firemen, and all other people that use eye protection and have fogging issues.
8 Ounce Spray Bottles Gallons
Best anti fog spray in eight ounce spray bottles, industrial size, of C-Clear lens cleaner. Great product to solve face protection fogging issues.
C-Clear anti fog, anti static liquid in gallon jugs for industrial use on safety glasses and safety goggles.