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C-Clear gel cup anti fog lens cleaner works great on safety glasses, goggles, and masks.

Our 1 oz. C-Clear Anti Fog Gel Cups contain a pinkish-red gel that is much stronger than our liquid C-Clear. The C-Clear Gel performs best on tough applications such as military masks, commercial safety glasses, paintball masks, and sports glasses and goggles. 

C-Clear is a "Green Product" and 100% biodegradable. 100% Made in the USA - with a trustworthy, reliable company behind it, us. C-Clear is a 100% Customer Service oriented company. Money Back Guarantee - NO HASSLE!

DOES NOT HARM tinted, anti-glare or/any protective coatings on prescription or non-prescription lenses if properly applied (apply with a soft cotton cloth, no paper towels or other wood products that cause scratches!). Click here for Application Instructions

Non-Flammable & Non Hazardous.  Does not contain SILICONE!

Get OVER 1,000 applications of C-Clear Gel if properly handled (not spilled or the top left open) - MUCH more than most other anti-fog products on the market today!

Note: May not be 100% 'anti-fog' effective on newer prescription lenses with hydrophylic or oleophylic anti-reflective "AR" coatings.

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C-Clear Applications:
Paintball Masks & Goggles
Eyeglasses / Sunglasses
Scuba Divers' Masks
Industrial Safety Glasses
Swimmers' Goggles
Lab Technician Safety Glasses
Ice Hockey Masks & Glasses
Binoculars / Rifle Scopes
Snow Skier Glasses/Goggles/Helmet Shields
Military Masks & Goggles
Snow Mobilers Helmet Shields
Computer Screens / Cell Phone Screens
Racquet Ball/Squash Ball Eyewear
Motorcycle Helmet Visors

Other Uses: Bathroom Mirrors | Automobile & Boat Windshields | Refrigerated Glass Doors and Cases | Restaurant Sneeze Glass | Safety Glasses | Auto Windows |

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