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Gallons of Liquid C-Clear

For over 25 years, C-Clear has proudly manufactured and sold the best anti fog solutions directly to consumers. As C-Clear became the anti fog industry leader, demand for anti fog solutions in bulk began to grow. Today we happily provide industrial size anti fog lens cleaner: buying gallons of C-Clear Anti-Fog Liquid is the perfect way to save both time and money. The less often you have to order, the easier your life will be!

When you’re searching for anti-fog solutions in bulk, search no further than C-Clear industrial size lens cleaner options. We’ve got the best liquid anti-fog solutions available by the gallon, plus micro fiber cloths in bulk! Have a question about anti-fog liquid refills? Give us a call today! We’re happy to answer any questions about this and our other products.

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Fifteen Microfiber Cloths 15 Microfiber Cloths

15 Microfiber Cloths

Our Price: $19.97
Sale Price: $13.97
Savings: $6.00