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      Gel Cups

      C-Clear Anti-Fog Gel Cups

      The gel is our "flagship product" packaged in a 1 1/8 oz plastic snap cap cups. It is a concentrated anti-fog paste-like gel.

      C-Clear Anti-fog Gel is a SUPERIOR anti-fog product that stops fogging on military masks, safety glasses, sporting masks, glasses and goggles. Our gel is paintball players fan favorite!

      • Gel does not harm the tint, anti-glare or protective coatings on prescription and non-prescription lenses
      • Non-flammable. Non-hazardous. Non-toxic.
      • Does not contain silicone
      • Is a "Green Product" — 100% biodegradable
      • 100% Made in the USA (including container)
      • Get OVER 1,000 applications from one container
      • 100% Money Back Guarantee


      1. Dab the GEL with your index finger pad.
      2. Spread the gel with your index finger tip until the lens is completely covered.
      3. Working it into the edges of lens and frame.
      4. Lightly buff with a clean, dry lint free cloth (microfiber cloth) to remove the haze.
      5. Repeat Steps 1-4 on the 2nd lens and on the outside of each lens.

      Note: C-Clear will not stop fogging 100% on Rx lenses with anti-reflective "AR" coating. It will help dissipate the fogging some. C-Clear GEL also helps prevent scratches by stopping dust particles from building up on the lens surface which cause scratches when wiped "dry" without C-Clear lens cleaner.

      Order C-CLEAR GEL Today!

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