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      Spray Bottles

      C-Clear Anti-Fog Spray

      C-Clear anti-fog spray works as a lens cleaner, an anti-fog, and anti-static spray for glass or plastic including polycarbonate lenses and sunglasses.

      C-Clear anti-fog is an ideal anti-fog product for safety glasses, eyeglasses, sports masks and goggles, military masks and face shields, glass tops, mirrors, and on auto and boat windshields.

      Don't stop there — use C-Clear anti-fog on PPE face shields and protective glasses, food sneeze guards, refrigerated doors and display cases. Lastly, it is an anti-static product that prevents debris and tiny dust particles from adhering to lenses, glass and plastic surfaces.

      • Does not harm the tint, anti-glare or protective coatings on prescription and non-prescription lenses
      • Non-flammable. Non-hazardous. Non-toxic.
      • Does not contain silicone
      • Is a "Green Product" — 100% biodegradable
      • Spray bottles are recyclable
      • Get OVER 200 applications from one 1 oz spray bottle
      • 100% Money Back Guarantee


      1. Pump the spray once for each lens, inside and outside of lens.
      2. Lightly buff the lenses with a clean, dry lint free cloth (microfiber cloth) until dry.

      Note: C-Clear will not stop fogging 100% on Rx lenses with anti-reflective "AR" coating. It will help dissipate the fogging some. C-Clear GEL also helps prevent scratches by stopping dust particles from building up on the lens surface which cause scratches when wiped "dry" without C-Clear lens cleaner.

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