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      Wholesale Pricing for C-Clear Products

      C-Clear lens cleaner is the BEST defogging spray and gel for a wide variety of eyewear including, sports and military masks, goggles, industrial safety glasses and face shields.

      • C-Clear repels dust making it ideal for dusty environments like cement plants and other industrial plants that have a lot of dust in the air. Dust can cause lenses to scratch easily.

      • C-Clear has proven time and time again to be the best anti-fog spray and dust repellent on the market.

      • Sports teams, military task forces and safety managers prefer to purchase C-Clear liquid and gel cups in bulk so they SAVE money and time reordering.

      We offer wholesale pricing from our 1 oz. spray bottles, 1 1/8 oz. gel cups, to gallons of C-Clear liquid, when you’re looking to buy anti-fog solutions in bulk, search no further than C-Clear’s wholesale pricing.

      Obtain a current full Wholesale Price List here: Wholesale Price List - we offer more packaging and pricing options than shown below.

      4 Gallons C-Clear
      Unit price
      200 - 1 oz Spray Bottles
      Unit price
      Ten 1 oz Spray Bottles Ten 1 oz Spray Bottles
      Unit price