C-Clear MSDS & User Instructions
Acting responsibly with Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets and User Instructions for both C-Clear anti fog spray and gel

As the manufacturer, C-Clear has a social corporate responsibility to make SDS and USER INSTRUCTIONS available to the public. We consider the health and safety of the public when developing products. We DO NOT have any hazardous or harmful chemicals or ingredients in any of our products, so technically we are not required to have SDS available.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
The data sheet is very useful because it allows the consumer to know the components used in making a certain product, it will show the type of chemicals used, and it also provides details of the products' physical properties. Moreover, this is a good way to inform employees how they should respond in case there is an emergency or fire in the workplace.
It is highly recommended that you obtain a SDS, and thoroughly study it before deciding to purchase a new product for your company. Doing this will ensure you that you're BUYING only SAFE products.
"Before I put anything near my eyes, I want to know exactly what's in the product. I only have ONE set of eyes. Not worth risking it!" - C-Clear Customer
Click the links below to load the C-Clear SDS or right click and "Save Link As" to save the SDS to your computer. C-CLEAR User Instructions
We offer easy to follow anti-fog treatment and cleaning steps of your eyeglasses, goggles, and face shields.
All of our products are safe to use on lenses, as they are specially designed to keep lenses clean without scratching, prevent the accumulation of condensation (fog), and tiny particles. Keep these products in stock at your work station as part of an overall safety plan.
Many anti-fog products instruct you to add their product to your lens and then wipe it off. How effective can that be?
We instruct consumers to apply a small amount of C-Clear onto your lens surface, thoroughly spread it all over the lens into the nooks and crannies, then BUFF your lens with a DRY, CLEAN cloth. We recommend using a MICROFIBER CLOTH -- sold on our site if you don't already have one.
Do Not Use Paper Products (Kleenex, paper towels, napkins, or hand wipes) on your lenses, if you don't want them to get scratched.
Some "paper" lens wipes on the market have been known to remove special coatings, such as tinting or polarization.
Use C-Clear on any of the following surfaces without FEAR:
Eyeglasses / Reading Glasses Mirrors
Sun Glasses Inside Windshieldshttp://helpcenter.volusion.com/
Sport Goggles and Safety Goggles Boat Windshields
Safety Goggles and Safety Glasses TV Screens
Helmet Visors and Face Shields LCD Screens
Scuba Goggles and Scuba Masks Plasma Screens
Swim Goggles and Swim Masks Computer Monitors
Paintball Lenses and Goggles Tablet Screens
Rifle Scopes Cell Phone Screens
Spotting Scopes DVDs and CDs
Binoculars Instrument Gauges
Camera Lenses Jewelery (diamonds, precious stones, gold and silver)
Microscopes Stainless Steel appliances and tool boxes

Download - C-Clear User Instructions [pdf]