C-Clear Product User Instructions

As manufacturer of C-Clear products it's our responsibility to make USER INSTRUCTIONS readily available.

We consider the health and safety of the public when developing all of our products. We DO NOT use any hazardous or harmful chemicals or ingredients in any of our products, so technically we are not required to have Safety Data Sheets, but we have them posted anyhow.

All of our products are SAFE to use on glass or plastic lenses, as they are specially designed to keep lenses clean without scratching, preventing accumulation of condensation (fog), and tiny dust particles.

C-Clear comes in 2 forms: A soft gel in flip top cups and liquid in fine mist spray bottles.


  1. Dab the GEL with the pad of your index finger
  2. Spread the gel with your index finger until both sides of the lens are completely covered.
  3. Working gel to the edges of lens and frame.
  4. Lightly wipe with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth (microfiber cloth) to remove the haze.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 on the 2nd lens.


  1. Pump the spray once for each lens, inside and outside of lens.
  2. Lightly wipe the lenses with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth (microfiber cloth) until dry.


  • Clear is water soluble; therefore, water will remove the C-Clear protective coating.

  • A clean, old cotton t-shirt that hasn't been dried with a dryer sheet will work well if you don't have a microfiber cloth.

  • Do not use bath towels, dish rags or wash rags...they will smear the lens!

  • Never use paper towels, tissue or Kleenex. They will scratch your lenses. Some "paper" lens wipes on the market have been known to remove special coatings, such as tinting or polarization.

  • In tough environments like shower mirrors or on refrigerated glass doors, spray liquid and let it drip dry.

  • Wear a headband or bandana to reduce perspiration/sweat from accumulating under your mask or lenses.

  • Use as often as you like. May need to apply several times per day in humid environments or with increased physical activity.

  • Industrial, military, law enforcement and EMS environments may require daily usage to prevent fogging and static.

  • For paintball players, we recommend using C-Clear throughout the games, especially if you perspire and get "GOGGED" requiring you to thoroughly clean the paint off the exterior lenses.


LENS SMEARS – use LESS gel/spray per application and use a clean, dry cloth.
LENS FOGS UP – use MORE gel/spray and apply more often.

We highly recommend using a clean, dry MICROFIBER CLOTH -- sold on our site if you don't already have one.

C-Clear Uses

Eyeglasses / Reading Glasses Mirrors
Sun Glasses Inside Windshieldshttp://helpcenter.volusion.com/
Sport Goggles and Safety Goggles Boat Windshields
Safety Goggles and Safety Glasses TV Screens
Helmet Visors and Face Shields LCD Screens
Scuba Goggles and Scuba Masks Plasma Screens
Swim Goggles and Swim Masks Computer Monitors
Paintball Lenses and Goggles Tablet Screens
Rifle Scopes Cell Phone Screens
Spotting Scopes DVDs and CDs
Binoculars Instrument Gauges
Camera Lenses Jewelry (diamonds, precious stones, gold and silver)
Microscopes Stainless Steel appliances and tool boxes

Download - C-Clear User Instructions [pdf]