About C-Clear Anti-Fog Spray & Gel Manufacturer

A World leader in manufacturing and distributing anti-fog spray and gel lens cleaners.

We are a privately, family-owned US-based company that began manufacturing and selling C-Clear in 1977 directly to consumers via home shows and kiosks in large retail chain stores nationwide.

Our company has grown to become an INDUSTRY LEADER of anti-fog spray and gel products. Our C-Clear products are sold to individuals, wholesalers, distributors and eCommerce companies. We proudly ship C-Clear to our fine US service men and women, and healthcare essential workers worldwide -- providing them with quality vision and clarity.

Thousands of C-Clear products are sold to fortune 100 companies, small manufacturing businesses, medium-sized businesses, and all sports enthusiasts worldwide. Paintball and airsoft player's love C-Clear!

C-Clear goes to great lengths to exceed your expectations by offering QUALITY PRODUCTS and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Both the C-Clear anti-fog GEL and the C-Clear anti-fog SPRAY Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available online.

C-Clear Benefits

      • C-Clear has been LAB TESTED and proven to be SAFE to use on glass, polycarbonate lenses and other plastic lenses that have been treated with anti-glare and other type coatings and tinting. Does not contain Silicone or harmful chemicals.
        • C-Clear has proven to be SAFE on PRESCRIPTION lenses, including polycarbonate and lenses with optic coatings on them. Not harmful to eyes or skin. Should not be directly sprayed or otherwise placed in the eyes.

        • Non-flammable, Non-Toxic and Not Hazardous to humans, animals or the environment.

        • C-Clear was tested and rated by the New Jersey American Water on worker's safety glasses.

        • We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. See Refund Policy.