Latest Feedback from Clients (Be sure to see NJ American Water review posted 9/14/11 below!)

1/23/19 I have been using C-Clear for on my eyeglasses for well over ten years. I prefer the gel to the liquid, but applying the gel takes just a bit longer. The gel imparts a smooth surface that seems to repel dust, helping my glasses remain crystal clear all day. The anti-fog property is an added benefit but is not the primary reason I use this product. Strongly recommended! David - Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse typos.


Sorry for the delay in my response, finally got to use the C Clear last weekend. Worked great on my glasses while playing softball. Spiderman13


We are using your gel cups at one of our jobsites in TN and it is getting good reviews from our craft workers. Our safety director has sent this link to all of our safety managers and site managers across the country as an innovative safety idea. I would expect that you’ll get several more orders from us in the coming days or as the sites run out of whatever they are currently using. We are an industrial contractor with 100% safety glass policy at all of our sites, so fogging is a common issue for us. Our jobsites have a lot of various temperature and humidity variations from one area to another.

I know this is an issue for me as I work around the house or in my shop, as well as at my jobsites, where I don’t even work with my tools. I look forward to trying your product myself, when I travel to one of my sites that buys it. I was a scuba diver in my earlier life, but in my position spitting on my safety glasses doesn’t look too professional. Carlos


Thanks, Terry!!! You do have awesome customer service and I greatly appreciate your quick response along with a great outcome!!! I wish all companies had great customer service as you do and too the fact that you are the president says a lot about your company!!! I used my spray yesterday and what a difference!!!! You have a customer for life!!! Thanks again !!! Christine


You need to add Photography to your list of uses for C-Clear. I use it on my camera lens and it works great. Haven't been in a situation where the lens fogs up but, it is great to use on cleaning the lens and with the cloth you have - never any streaks. I was using a product for lens that I bought at the Photography store, but it always left those fine cloudy streaks that would never go away. Thanks again, Nick


We have been using the C-Clear anti fog gel on our motorcycle face shields for 2 years and it is the BEST! We have tried everything and this is the ONLY product that works!!! Going to try the spray for our glasses next since the gel does leave a small bit of residue in the glasses frame. Seriously though, that is nothing compared to the fact that we CAN SEE out of our glasses AND face shields when riding! Don’t waste your money on anything else! This stuff works wonders!!! Maureen & Greg

Aloha OR (where it is humid A LOT!)

Only Bikers understand why dogs love to stick their heads out car windows!


To whom it may concern,

I ordered a container of C-Clear Anit-Fog soft gel on October 8, 2012 and wanted to wait for a cold day before I would contact you regarding this product. Today was the day that my C-Clear was really put to the tested. I live in Ohio and this morning is the first day of several that will be really cold. The temperature was 4 degrees this morning with a wind chill of -12 degrees so I knew if C-Clear could keep my glasses from fogging up I would be a fan for life!! I used my C-Clear before going to my mother's this morning and when I stepped inside her house my glasses didn't fog up at all! I'm thrilled with this product and will be buying more in the future!

Thank you for making C-Clear Anti-Fog!! I hope you remain in business for many years to come because I'll be a customer as long as you sell this product! Sincerely, Deborah



I have been able to do actual field testing on C-Clear. It got really cold here in Moab and when I go outside into the negative degree temperatures and then come back into a warm house, my eyeglasses do not fog up! Job well done! Mike


New Jersey American Water

We tested your gel and spray against the following products:

  • Bausch & Lomb Fog Shield XP Spray
  • Bausch & Lomb Fog Shield 2-Step Wipes
  • MSA Sightgard Wipes
  • Fog Buster Spray
  • Fog Buster 2 -Step Wipes

Your gel was the best we tried and the spray was the 2nd best. It was reported to me that the gel lasted up to 3 days in the field without the workers safety glasses fogging up. The spray lasted a full day in the field. The best the other products did was up to 4 hours before the lenses fogged. I will be supplying this information to all of our locations within New Jersey as well as all of the other American Water locations around the country. So if you receive any orders with American in the company name (such as Pennsylvania American, California American, etc), it was from my recommendation.

If you send me some samples, I'll give them out at the September 23rd meeting. I already have the instructions, MSDS, and price list that you provided to me.

Bob Charney, CUSA, Chairperson NJUA Safety & Health Committee, Sr. Specialist ORM, New Jersey American Water

Norm - Team Head Hunters, California 1/20/11

"TC, just wanted to give the results on our recent airsoft tournament. We (Team Head Hunters) kicked some butt! It ended in a draw. We came in 2nd place out of twelve teams. We would have came in 1st, but one of the refs deducted two points from our team score. One of my guys was heated about a call that wasn't being made by a certain ref and that's what caused the two point deduction. We won new WE1911 green gas pistols for each of our team player."

"But the biggest deal was our masks not fogging up. Everyone was having problems with fogging but us. Even the refs were wanting to get some C-Clear. C-Clear definitely got some good advertising that day. We thank you for all the support and already planning for our next tournament. I will be placing an order soon and I'll send you guys some pictures. Thanks"

Kathy, Safety Director, Arrow Tool & Stamping Co., Inc.

"The C-Clear anti fog gel arrived today, 03/29/11, and I immediately applied it to our grinding goggles. FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for offering a true anti-fog solution, and for your fast service! You will be getting more orders from us." Kathy


"Dear C-Clear, I am using your product for ice hockey for my visor. I am a referee and do multiple games in one day and one coat of your product is all that I use. Even if doing a single game, I apply the product and no fogging regardless of how cold it is in the arena or how much I sweat during the game. This works fantastic and when my supply runs low I will definitely be re-ordering! Thanks!"

Scott (SwoopDawg)

"Great! Shipped Friday there on Monday. WOW! Now that's what I call Good Work!!! Thanx again, I ordered that cause I ran out. My Leupold Binoculars do not fog up with me with the gel. And if I can't see through them then my Hunting becomes harder!"

Clay, Fisherman

"I purchased C-Clear from you to clean our fishing glasses. I used the gel on my wife's wraparound frames that fit tighter and have more tendency to fog up, it worked wonderfully. I used the spray on my glasses that simply have side shields and it worked great! There was no problem of them fogging with either pair. It also seemed to work great as an eye-glass cleaner. Normally when we are fishing I have to clean the glasses daily but did not this time. I would recommend your product to any fly-fisherman."

Dan, OmniThermoPlastics, Indiana

"All reports are coming back good on the C-Clear gel. I even had the guys stick their glasses down into the highest concentration of steam and they still did not fog up. It seems to last just short of an 8 hour shift before they need to apply more. Also they have told me that their glasses are not getting nearly the dust accumulation on them as they did before applying C-Clear."

Jack, Luzerne, MI

"I called you at 5:48 p.m. local (EST) Monday. Got your product in my mail box 10:00 a.m. Wednesday. What took so long? I can't get mail from downstate in 2 days. Great product. Great service. Worked at +4 degrees."

Greg, Police Officer, Brandon, Oregon

"Okay, I'm sold!...this stuff is awesome! I put it through the ultimate test, with one of our police officers (who sweats something terrible) and he didn't fog up. I have a friend that is opening one of the biggest indoor paintball arenas in the U.S. How can he get a hold of you? Plus, I'm going to run it by the Fire Chief. If you start getting a bunch of orders from the Oregon coast, you'll know why. I'm going to tell everyone. Thanks a million!"

Jon, Lakewood

"I just tried your product and it worked great! I especially recommend this product if you wear glasses and play paintball. This product really does work; I just put a little on my glasses and paintball goggles and I'm fog-free all day! Thanks again for such a good product! I let a few of my friends use it as well and they said it worked good for them too. Thanks, I will be ordering more when I run out."

John, Nashville, Tennessee

"Wow! This stuff really works! I think I have tried every product on the market and this is the only one that does the job for me. Thanks a million for the quick shipment and for including the instructions on how to use the product. I will definitely order more when this is gone."

The Shadow, Atlanta, Georgia

"I am sending you this testimonial today. This C-Clear works wonderfully!!! I don't know if you know this or not, but your cases are Waterproof. I just received the C-Clear in the mail today and I tried it out in my scuba diving class on my goggles. It worked exactly as described on your website and I applied it according to your great instructions you included in my shipment. When I got home I tossed my scuba gear into the bathtub to soak for a couple of hours. I forgot to take the C-Clear out of one of my gear bag! When I went to remove the bag from the tub I noticed that the C-Clear was still in there! I thought oh no it is ruined. But, when I opened the C-Clear, it was like it had never touched the water! You have a wonderful product, and I will definitely buy from you again! Thanks, and have a blessed day!!"

Jean, Long Island, New York

"It is always nice to buy a product that does what it is supposed to do! Your C-Clear works great on my safety glasses. They always fog up when I go from the cooler to the manufacturing floor. It was really aggravating. Now, since I began using C-Clear, my safety glasses do not fog up anymore! Thanks and I am recommending all of my coworkers buy some for their glasses, too!"

John, Houston, Texas

"Just a quick note to tell you your product is terrific! I use it on my paintball mask and it has definitely given me the advantage in the field. My teammates and I use the C-Clear and our opponents, so far, have not had the opportunity to use any. We wait until their masks start to fog up and then we start attacking! Way too cool! Thanks for the instructions. They helped us not use too much so we would waste it. We will order more soon!"

Mark, Jacksonville, Florida

"I can't tell you how many no fog products I have tried. This is the only product that has worked I use it on my racquet ball goggles and it really gives me an edge. I will order more before it runs out!"

Beth, Miami, Florida

"You are probably the fastest shipper I have ever experienced! And thanks for the great communications letting me know when and how you shipped the product. After I received it, I tried it out on my glasses. They used to fog up every time I went out of my house or from the grocery store to the outside air. Now, no more fogging. I use it about every other day on my glasses and that works. Great product & fast shipping good luck!"

Anderson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Greetings Terry: Thanks very much for sending. The first shipment still has not arrived, but I used the spray on my goggles and got through the whole soccer game without fogging up! So... I'm very pleased. When I receive the second shipment, I will send payment for it, as I know now that it works. Best wishes".

Melissa - Purchased Gel Cups

"Terry, I wanted to thank you for all your help when I ordered the gel and the spray. My sons had their second soccer game this past Saturday and neither one of their glasses fogged up...which was the total opposite of the previous weeks game! That one my son (who can't see anything w/out his glasses) took off his sport goggles and through them to the sideline during the game and said he could see better w/out them! Not once after applying C-Clear did he have to take them off at this Saturdays game..and he played two games back to back in these painfully hot days we've had this weekend!"

"I will put my comments on your site too when I get a chance this week. Oh, also one of the other boys had his regular metal framed glasses on and they were fogging up so I used the gel on his glasses too and whata ya know?!?!!? No more fogging so it's safe to say I will be singing you praises from now on!!!"

Robert - Purchased Gel Cups

"I found that Clear Anti Fog works beyond my expectations. The first time out was a muggy humid morning. I had applied it to my sunglasses and full helmet shield. Normally I would have to pull the glassed away slightly as the have a seal around them and lift up my clear helmet shield up a click or two or both would fog up completely. No problem I just back my motorcycle out of the garage and went on my way. No Fog. A Great product, I can think of so many more uses for it."

Tim@Furman University - Purchased Gel Cups

"Thanks a bunch! The anti fog stuff works great and makes my life easier for sure. Thanks again."

"Terry, I received the 10 cup order very quickly and you even added a small spray bottle for free as well - Thank You!"

"I used the gel on my helmet shield this morning and it worked great. Thanks for offering a great product at a very reasonable price." Regards, Mark


"Hello, I recently bought your anti-fog product. I had great expectations when buying it. My email is to mention that your product meets and exceeds my expectations and that i'm statisfied. I wont hesitate to recommend your product. Sinceraly yours", Denis.


"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your [C-Clear Anti Fog] product! I am a Hockey Referee and just bought a new helmet. For whatever reason, the visor I had on my new helmet fogged to the point where I could not see with in 5 mins of being on the ice. I had to take a rag on the ice and wipe it every few Minuets which does not look very professional. I tried other "anti fog" products, but they were a joke! I ordered your [C-Clear Anti Fog] product and tried it last night. No fog!! Yes thank you a product that works! I well be a repeat customer for sure and will not hesitate to tell other about your fantastic product. Thank You!" Kyle