C-Clear Products Tested by New Jersey American Water

Original C-Clear products were tested by New Jersey American Water against other anti-fog products. C-Clear anti-fog spray and gel tested were found to work the BEST on workers safety glasses over other brands. See the submitted results below:

We tested your gel and spray against the following products:

  • Bausch & Lomb Fog Shield XP Spray
  • Bausch & Lomb Fog Shield 2-Step Wipes
  • MSA Sightgard Wipes
  • Fog Buster Spray
  • Fog Buster 2 -Step Wipes

Your gel was the best we tried and the spray was the 2nd best. It was reported to me that the gel lasted up to 3 days in the field without the workers safety glasses fogging up. The spray lasted a full day in the field. The best the other products did was up to 4 hours before the lenses fogged. I will be supplying this information to all of our locations within New Jersey as well as all of the other American Water locations around the country. So if you receive any orders with American in the company name (such as Pennsylvania American, California American, etc), it was from my recommendation.

If you send me some samples, I'll give them out at the September 23rd meeting. I already have the instructions, MSDS, and price list that you provided to me.

Bob Charney, CUSA, Chairperson NJUA Safety & Health Committee, Sr. Specialist ORM, New Jersey American Water

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